7th Space Safety Conference News

The 7th IAASS Conference “Space Safety is No Accident” was held on 20-22nd October 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The conference is held every 18 months in relevant alternating locations between the US/Canada and Europe/Rest of World.

Key note speakers were from NASA, ESA, JAXA, FAA-AST, Boeing and DLR to name a few. The Jerome Lederer award was presented at the Conference Dinner to Space-X for their successful endeavours in the emerging commercial spaceflight arena. The Dinner was held in the Dornier Museum amidst heritage aircraft. In terms of the conference venue, for five decades the site of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance has been the lynchpin for the development and construction of satellites, probes and instruments for scientific research in space, Earth observation and meteorology and in particular Airbus Defence and Space are based there.

Andy was elected as the Chair of the new Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety (CHSS) Technical Committee; this covers both orbital and suborbital aspects (and indeed subsumes the Suborbital Safety TC and its 20 members). The Suborbital Safety Guidance Manual will continue to be updated with new and rationalized guidance for the nascent industry and this will be as a ‘special project’ of the CHSS TC. Andy will look to experts within the orbital domain to join the TC to provide guidance where appropriate.

Andy was on the commercial spaceflight panel along with distinguished panellists: Jean-Bruno Marciacq (EASA), Professor Paul Dempsey (McGill University), Professor Tommaso Sgobba (IAASS Executive Director), Katherine Leuders (NASA) and Mike Kelly (FAA-AST) – along with Dr Paul Wilde (FAA-AST) as the panel moderator. The panelists each provided their perspective on the emerging commercial spaceflight industry and then Paul provided questions for the panelists that provided extremely useful dialogue and exchange of information. The audience engaged with their own questions and points to our answers and this too was welcome (seeing as we had Space-X and other experts in the audience).


Additionally Andy and a few of the suborbital safety TC (Alberto Del Bianco [AltecSpacce], Davide Apostolo [S-3] and Mike Klicker [techcos GmbH] are pictured alongside the Guidance Manual poster.


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