LAUNCHUK – 21 Feb 2017 (RAeS, London)

Great day for the UK Space Industry! The Government representatives announced the Draft Spaceflight Bill which is to be presented to Parliament. Industry will of course review this draft bill.

Opening the day with excellent key note speeches were Jo Johnson (Space and Science Minister) and Lord Ahmed (Transport Minister).

The 7 prospective Spaceports gave their Dragon’s Den Style pitches (each had 7 minutes): from the top of the UK to the bottom – Sutherland and Spaceport1 (Hebrides) – both vertical launch sites, Campbetown, Prestwick, Llanbedr, Newquay and Manston.

The Regulatory panel was most interesting, bringing together the 3 departments: UKSA, DfT/CAA and HSE:

So what’s in the Spaceflight Bill? The slide below details the main sections of the Primary Legislation; essentially detailing which Government department will be responsible for which aspects and providing high-level statements based on the legal aspects, hence the statements reflect UK’s approach to reducing residual risks to As Low As Reasonably Practical (and recognising therefore that space is indeed risky)….

This is a DRAFT Spaceflight Bill, and hence the UKSA are keen for Industry to review this and then to assist in the development of the more detailed Secondary Legislation (through Workshops and outputs of studies/reports such as the recent NSTP2 study: here Saturn SMS were part of a consortium (DEIMOS, Highland and Island Enterprises, Firefly/BradSpace, SSTL); Andy provided the safety and regulatory review and proposals for the UKSA to consider.

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