Research & Influence


PhD – ‘Examining the Influence of Safety Management in the Personal Spaceflight Industry’ (worked with the EASA)

MSc – ‘Safety Management of the Spaceflight Participant’ (worked with leading space tourism company)

International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) – Andy Quinn chairs a Technical Committee (see IAASS page for more information)

Papers & Presentations

IAC Valencia, Oct 2006 – The Safety Management Approach to Space Tourism

IAASS 2008 – Centrifuge Training as Key Safety Mitigation in the Commercial Spaceflight Industry

IAASS 2010 – Safety Criteria for the Private Spaceflight Industry [pdf, 550kb]

IAASS 2011 – New Safety Model for Commercial Spaceflight

IAASS 2013 – Emerging Developments & Issues – Suborbital Commercial Spaceflight


UKSA/UK CAA Spaceplane Working Groups.

Dr Andy Quinn has been involved in the UKSA/DfT/UK CAA Spaceplane Regulation Workshops. The 4th Workshop was held after the UK Space Conference 2013 –