Previously, Andy Quinn was the Chair of a Suborbital Safety Technical Committee (SS TC)  for the IAASS.

At the 7th IAASS Conference (Oct 2014) Andy was elected to be the Chair of a new Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety (CHSS) Technical Committee. This encompasses both orbital and suborbital spaceflight.

 IAASS conferences / events

  • 3rd IAASS – Rome, Italy
    Andy presented a joint paper to the IAASS in 2008 regarding personal space safety and in particular Centrifuge Training as key mitigation.
  • 4th IAASS – Huntsville AL, USA
    Andy presented a paper on Safety Criteria and was also a member of the panel for a discussion on Commercial/Private Spaceflight.
  • 5th IAASS – Versailles, France
    Andy presented a summary paper from the SS TC. Andy also chaired a commercial human spaceflight session.
  • Suborbital Safety Technical Committee Workshop
    Andy chaired a SS TC workshop which finalized and ratified five standards and seven guidelines applicable to suborbital flights. This was held at GMV’s facilities in Madrid.
  • 6th IAASS – Montreal, Canada
    Andy co-presented a summary of suborbital standards and guidelines and was also the co-chair of three commercial human spaceflights sessions.
  • 7th IAASS – Friedrichshafen, Germany
    Andy presented the updates to the Suborbital Safety Guidance Manual (in peer review at the time of the conference). Andy also co-chaired a commercial human spaceflight session with Ed Mango (NASA) and took part in a commercial human spaceflight panel session with members from the EASA, McGill, the IAASS Executive Director, NASA and the FAA-AST. See our latest news for more information