Safety Consultancy

Saturn SMS is a technical consultancy specialising in suborbital and orbital commercial spaceflight, providing customer focused, cost effective solutions.

We work with clients to ensure their space vehicle designs are acceptably safe and we carry this forward into the operator’s domain to ensure spacecraft operations are acceptably safe. This typically involves developing safety cases – that is, providing a structured argument supported by evidence to a claim that the client’s system is “acceptably safe”. We undertake Design Organisation hazard identification & analysis and also Operator Safety Risk Management in conjunction with our clients employing mainstream and diverse safety techniques.

Our clients are primarily emerging spacecraft designers and operators.

We are heavily involved in the development of the fledgling suborbital spaceflight industry, working with leading industry partners and carrying out research into the safety criteria and general policy making that will define the development of safe design and safe operations.

Saturn SMS have extended this knowledge into the orbital spacecraft industry where innovative designers are benefiting from Andy’s spaceflight safety research and industry know-how.

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